Wonder why animals in the wild eat raw and go straight for the good stuff without any complexity? Predators will seek the liver and herbivores will go for the most nutritious roots and fruits or plants.

Omnivores will do a little of both. So why did Humanity invent the strangest…

I brought a used Fiat 500e for 6k, a 2013 with 36k miles... I charge it for free at one of the numerous free charging stations I know. I also self insure as my state allows it based on declared assets and finally I pay $50 a year in license. So I basically will have the car pay for itself in a few years and because it is electric I have 0 maintenance besides tires, windshield washer fluid and maybe check the suspension every decade or so.

Waste not want not...

The bigger problem is cybersecurity is delegated to people just working for a paycheck with little motivation to make simple decisions that secure systems with adequate passwords for example. "Hacking" is merely a game of social engineering where passwords are guessed by brute force attack. Of course there can be state sponsored infiltrations like the rigging of some chips by China a few years ago but it all boils down to morale and motivations of the gatekeepers of all critical systems. Gamification of the workplace means people are hired for their inner interests in the tasks at hand and require little management oversight as they know what to do and enjoy it. This is why workplaces need to be optimized to make tasks like games hence the Gamification aspect and logical reasoning in harnessing the instinctive habits we have as hunter gatherers for a better and more enjoyable work experience.

We live in times of disruption i.e mathematically we find better and radically different solutions to old problems currently more or less "solved" with crappy obsolete cliche methods forced through patriarchal systemic oppression. Sex robots and automation as well as life extension by correcting aging at the genetic level will change everything for example.

Out of 7.5 Billion people only a minuscule fraction is "rich" and considering being rich is to be rare... because if everyone was there would be no one rich.


This means doling out advice how to get rich to the masses flies in the face of the mathematical distributions of wealth.

That aside... where is Pol Pot when you need him? Maybe a bit far fetched but the tone of the so called elite in our society is starting to disturbingly mirror the disdain of the French elite in 1789... you just know a political chimera a la "Relic" horror film is about to appear on stage to clean house and then disappear,...

Once I heard on PBS a nutritionist say how much our nutrition is really basic. We only need the 8 classes of amino acids from proteins to generate the 22 needed, carbs and fat. That’s it. One could live on a few ingredients in their lives and be happy.


Ian Ridel

Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor, Software Developer, Businessman, Mathematician. Philosopher, Atheist.

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