Sometimes the most obvious is ignored…

Do you know the old adage of “common sense is not so common!”?

Well the US is all that after all. Bezos and his cohort didn’t invent anything new. America has finally caught up to 19th century Victorian England in the savagery of its “Capitalism”. Which of course inspired the works of Marx and Engels due to its sociopathic and selfish nature. And may I even add that the textile factories of 19th century London where children worked as slaves for meager pay were fed by the cotton from American plantations where real slaves also toiled without any rest.

The scams of Ed and Med, where one has to pay exorbitant prices for “Education” or “Health care” which isn’t at all adjusted by a free market but rather a power play where lobbies and special interests steer the laws of the land to maximize exploitation of the People for the benefit of a few driven by bestial animalistic impulses of greed and domination that may have been useful against predatory animals where we were in caves, but are now redirected to our fellow human beings.

The US was never different, but this transition was merely delayed by the vast resources and land that opened up after the extermination of the natives to the exponential growth we saw between the 17th and 20th centuries.

But guess what? That gravy train is now finished. The harsh limits of the land in terms of food, oil and other precious bounties are reached. Just like Europe’s were at the beginning of the 19th.

And just like in Europe the masses get to experience the concept of psychopathic and catabolitic capitalism where the greed of the few serves them at the expense of society at the whole. The OR boolean operation with little in ways of AND i.e Cooperation, caring and common goals for a better society.

But this time around, unlike Marx who only had the works of Darwin and Lamarck to study, with the former’s ideas perverted by the elite to justify social darwinism, we have the vastness of the technical discoveries we made since then as a society to understand and refine in a better way what kind of world we will choose to live in and maximize Harmony and Peace.

For example it is Darwinism that created a beehive, where bees sacrifice themselves for a greater good dying when hornets invade. Or an anthill where ants belong and work for a greater good.

Social darwinism is a stupid perversion of a mathematical process that is Darwinism where a solution is found that is optimal for a population through trial and error in a continuous loop.

It is Nature’s Agile model on steroids. This is why as a dogma, religion and concept “Capitalism” is bound to end in the dustbin of history. Its supposed successes were only due to the huge land and resources available to pillage by the few who inhabited the land at first. Now that the resources are gone the few pillage the others inhabiting the land and this ideology shows its ugly and true colors.

Socialism and Communism were based on 19th century biological concepts but have to be seen as the first baby steps towards understanding Humanity as a single unique tribe without borders. Unlike previous times where the means available to people limited their travels and interactions to such a degree that feudalism or nationalism made sense.

Now is a due or die situation. Either we will shake our primtive greed and self destructing narrow mindedness for the greater good of each other or we will face extermination by climate cataclysm or even one self inflicted by means of a nuclear war. The later might actually happen as the pandemic has started a cycle of blame and international tensions reminiscent of the world in 1914 when a bullet killed an obscure Archduke.

We have to open our eyes to what is obvious: Capitalism is dead, Communism was the first step.

We need to develop a better understanding of Life devoid of religious superstitions and dogma as our minds and neuroplasticity can allow us to follow a pathway paved by reason and logic. Not by emotions and sociopathic tendencies.

Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor, Software Developer, Businessman, Mathematician. Philosopher, Atheist.